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06 - Wonder Woman Review (SPOILERS!)

What?!? 2 podcasts in one day??? Is it Christmas? Nope! Becky and I happen to have a chance to go on a date before I left and so we went to go see Wonder Woman. We give our thoughts and review of the movie. WARNING!: THERE ARE SPOILERS!!!! (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!) Sadly my phone died on me and we had to re-record the last part of the podcast. 

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05 - A Blog For My Mom

We have our first interview! We had the pleasure of having Rosie on the podcast. She started writing a blog about 6 years ago for her mom (hence the title of her blog...get it?!?) and grew from there. We talk about meeting her spouse for the first time, marrying a convert, children at Mass, and what's growing on her farm. 

We would encourage everyone to go check out her blog: 

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04 - The Move Out

We started recording as soon as we were leaving for the last time together from our current home. We talk about what's going on and other things (such as fidget spinners, Trump & Pope, and co-sleeping) We hope you enjoy!


This is the article that Becky was talking about between coffee and marriage: 

03 - We're Moving!

So we decided to move to a new house! (Also, if you want to help us move contact us!) We also talk about why we are called "Three To Get Married" and other things we've been up to (including everyone's favorite: How did Mass go with the kids?!?)

Also, as promised on the podcast, here is an image of a man romper....*smh*

02 - How I Met Your Mother

Happy Mother's Day! On this episode Becky and I give you a car edition of the podcast as we head to Grandma's house to surprise her for Mother's Day! On the way there we talk about the first time we met each other and get interrupted about 100 times by our kids in the back seat. We hope you enjoy!

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01 - Introduction

Welcome to the first episode! We hope you join us for this crazy awesome weird ride. To give a little teaser we talk briefly about our family, our daughter's birthdays and the fun/horror of trampolines.